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Hair Extensions

There are many different methods of installation for extensions.

Weft Row installation

When looking for volume and length, adding a few rows of extensions are perfect to blend with your natural hair. We sell high quality human hair that lasts for over a year so you only have to get it retightened as it grows out and it blends perfectly into your real hair.

Braided row weft installation

Hair is cornrowed very flat on the head to secure the extensions by sewing onto the braid. There is no damage with this method and is a safe way to instal extensions with no damage. Our braids is very flat and not painful. The installation can last for 6-8 weeks.

Braid-less weft row extensions

The extensions are sewn onto a base of micro beads. This is the flattest way to instal extensions and this method is very secure and not damaging. Installation lasts for 6-8 weeks.

These are our favourite methods for extensions because there is NO DAMAGE. We can install other methods of extensions like tape-ins, micro breads and fusion. But these are our clients favourites as they are a protective style that helps their hair actually grow underneath.

How many rows will I need?

1 row is ideal for very thin and long hair if you are looking for a bit of length and volume. This is perfect for low maintenance clients.

2 rows is the average amount for most of our clients. If your hair is medium to thin two rows is ideal to help the extensions blend properly with your hair.

3-4 rows are needed when blending long extensions into thick hair. Having more rows allows for layers to be cut so the hair blends perfectly.


Other methods include

I-Tip micro link installation

Individual extensions are secured with micro-link beads which attach them to the hair. The installation lasts for 3-6 months and is not reusable. This method may cause damage as strands could fall off as it grows out.


Tape-In extensions

Small tape-in human hair is attached with adhesive onto the base of the hair, your hair is sandwiched between the tapes to create a seamless look and feel. The hair is reusable and new tapes needed for each installation which lasts 4-6 weeks. 


Clip In Extensions

This is ideal for those who want hair extensions temporarily for big events. Clip-ins are easy to install and remove by yourself. Clip-ins should be removed before bed to prevent damage.